Life and Seoul

Getting in to Seoul – taxi scams

As mentioned previously, the taxi service throughout Korea is one of the most reliable I have ever encountered anywhere in the world. There is always an exception to this rule, and that is at Incheon Airport.

WARNING: Never take a taxi from the airport unless the driver uses the meter. Simple enough, but many a first time traveler to the country has been confounded by the ridiculous conversion rate. 10000 won = $10 and everything is distorted. Usually the scam depletes about $100 from a traveler’s wallet, when they could have taken the extensive subway system for $5.

These guys are usually lurking around in the arrivals area and prey specifically on lone travelers with a backpack, little do the travelers know about the fantastic, fast, cheap AREX subway line to the city centre and numerous, cheap, comfortable buses that head to areas all across the city, all of which are accessible just minutes away.

Be safe, save money.


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