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How to get a ticket for the subway in Korea – photo guide

New systems can often be confusing. Coming from London, England: home of the world’s very first network of underground railways and stations is now outdated. Korea’s system is new, spacious, modern. As such it is actually more user-friendly. Once you have worked out where you want to go on the subway map, you need to buy a ticket.

In the lobby, there will be a bank of ticket machines and deposit refund devices. First you needn’t worry about the latter. The ticket issuing is in 4 languages (Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese). It is all done by touch screen.

First select the language.

Then select the station you wish to go to. This is alphabetized.

Choose you station, then you will be asked how many tickets you wish to buy. Select the number and insert your money.

The money-eating mouth hole of the machine will light up green to indicate where to feed it.

A few seconds later, you ticket will be spat out, again in a little compartment which will light up.

The cards work much like the oyster of London or octopus cards of Hong Kong. Just touch it to the pad as you walk through the gate, both on your way in and out.








Once your journey is complete, head to the bank of ticket machines in your destination station and find the deposit refund device. Insert your card and you will get a little money back.

The T-Money travel card is only worth buying if you are going to use the transport system more than 20 times. This is the point where you will start to save money from the purchase price of the T-Money card.


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