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Open Guest House – featured in a Korean drama

Being an actor, I sub-consciously looked for an area of Seoul that was vibrant, youthful and creative when I arrived here.

No surprises then that after my first 2 days in Korea, I found myself in a guest house in Hyehwa (the theatre district around university road). Within 10 minutes from here there are roughly 80 theatres, countless music bars and always something interesting and creative going on in the street.

2 years later and I still live in the same guest house. It seems to be a lucky place for me. Whilst I have been here, countless number of filming shoots have taken place in or around the house, including one very famous SBS drama, and a famous Filipino drama which came to Korea for a special edition of the series and also filmed here. The cast and crew also stayed at the guest house.

I mentioned that I don’t tend to advertise places to stay and rather let individuals choose from the internet, but I have been here 2 years without problems and I love where I live.

It’s in a peaceful place minutes from the subway station and a major commercial area of North Seoul. To book accommodation at Open Guest House, click on this link.


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