Life and Seoul

A Video Guide to Korea

My director friend John Weeke is a very talented man. He shot two short films of Korea which are a must watch. They are endearing and beautiful.

The first, Two Koreas is a look at the juxtapositions in modern Korea and the Korea of 60 years ago.

The second, Ten Poems of the Joseon Dynasty, is a beautiful insight into the nation’s mentality and philosophy delivered through the Confucian-infulenced poems of ancient Korea known as the Sijo (시조).

I have recorded a number of small video clips with friends. My aim: to unlock the key to what makes Korea so unique for us. Therefore don’t expect any large Michael Palinesque insight, just a fun little look at the curiosities of Korea, and what it is that makes our time here so enjoyable.

I am joined by Dave Brown from our podcast: The Condition for the guide to Korean and a number of the other videos. We also will do a weekly challenge somewhere in Korea for Dave. Our first one is his playground challenge. It’s hilarious.

Below are some of our favourites so far. Please visit our Youtube page for all videos, the latest releases, and of course our weekly Guide to the Korean Language videos.

Our video guide is really just a collection of small moments that define Korea for us in some way. We would greatly appreciate your support by subscribing to our Youtube page and iTunes podcasts.


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