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About Guide to Korea

Hello Coreaphiles,

Welcome to Guide to Korea.

First of all, please let me state that this does not aim in any way to be a definitive guide. Nor is it complete. However I shall endeavour to add to it as and when I can. I am always welcome of ideas and suggestions also.

Travel guide books are useful tools, but can often have out of date information before they make it to the book store. This online guide presents up to date information and strives to show you places a guide book does not have insight into; places locals like to go to escape to tourists, as well as those sights that deservingly attract the tourist throngs.

Many guides also tend to prefer/list certain bars, restaurants and hotels. Often, a business that is in a popular guide book is happy to rest on its laurels and put up prices at this point. That is why this guide offers prefers to tell you what is best to eat, not where to eat it, but instead links to a wider range of accommodation and food options and does not restrict your choice to just a handful.

Koreans value personal business ownership. As such, there are tens of thousands of restaurants and bars in Seoul. It would be unfair to you to close your mind to so many possibilities. Sometimes the most rewarding aspect of travel is that little discovery you made that no other travelers know about.

Guide to Korea aims to bring you up to date information about this remarkable country. It is a one-man operation so it does not claim to be comprehensive, but should provide an interesting insight into Korean people, culture and life.

Navigate the menu on the home page to narrow down categories to find relevant information, or take a look at the tag-cloud at the bottom for more specific references to topics.

‘Curiosities’ deals with those little every day occurrences in Korea that might make little sense to outside eyes.

There are separate pages for Food&Drink, Transportation, Holidays&Festivals and plenty more. Enjoy learning about Korea, and planning your trip. Enjoy Korea.

About the author

Paul Stafford is a Brit who somehow ended up in Korea to gain experience working in film and television that was so hard to get in abundance back in London. Korea was very kind to him, and this guide is his homage to the great country. Here is his demo reel:

For more information about Paul’s acting career including clips of many shows filmed in and around Seoul, visit

By the way, this is he:

He also records a weekly podcast and writes a number of other blogs:

uno – a blog which compliments the podcast, named The Condition:

dos – Click on this link to listen to The Condition podcast: – naturally it is free of charge to listen to, no commercials, no bull (no cow for that matter either).

tres – Paul’s travel musings and random thoughts can be read at Exile on Brain Street:

Comments and critique are always more than welcome. You can make contact with Paul in classic E.T. fashion at

You can also follow me on twitter @paulrstafford

Cheers ^^


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  1. Zack Stieber


    I’m the Travel editor at Before It’s News. Our site is a People Powered news platform with over 4,000,000 visits a month and growing fast.

    We would be honored if we could republish your blog RSS feed in our Travel category we are launching in the next several weeks. This will generate more traffic for your site.

    Please email me at for more information, so our readers can start looking at Guide to Korea

    Zack Stieber
    Travel Editor, Before It’s News

    September 4, 2011 at 10:23 am

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