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Kimbab Cheongug – A cheap meal

The Kimbab Cheongug is a chain of Korean food restaurants across Korea offering a huge range of cheap Korean food. They are all recognizable for having orange facades with the Korean lettering 김밥 천국 out front. The range and quality of food often varies, but I usually find that eating outside of the peak busy times means better tasting food. They don’t deliver food and rarely have English menus, so it’s better to have what you want to eat in your mind when you go there. Most common Korean dishes will be served there.


The ordering process usually involved writing down what you want on a piece of paper with a list of all the dishes then handing it to one of the workers there. But the list is in Korean and I usually find that if ask somebody working there for Bibimbap for example, that will suffice.

Usually at the front of the restaurant is a small prep area where the host makes the kimbab whilst you watch, and a kitchen at the back where all other dishes are concocted. Kimbab will cost anywhere between $1.50 and $3 depending on what you want inside it. Dishes on offer cost anywhere between $2 for basic noodles and $7 for Cheese Doncasseu (pork cutlet with melted cheese inside). All orders will come with kimchi and pickled radish as a side and if you order more than just a kimbab you will get a selection of panchan. The quality and number of side dishes depends again on the place. Some are much better than others.

 This place is certainly one of my regular places to eat because I know there will be cheap, decent food there, and it’s usually quite healthy too.