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When it rains it pours – a bad time to visit Korea

Koreans take pride in the distinct 4 seasons that grace the country throughout the year. However, it could be technically argued that there is a fifth, mini-season – The Rainy Season.

Much like monsoon season in countries that lie somewhere between the tropics and the Equator such as India, when the rain comes, it makes its presence felt.

In Korea, the rain will often be persistent, and at times does not let up for days on end. This can really scupper travel plans, and you might find that you spend most of your trip indoors watching t.v. or reading.

When? The season usually is worst from mid-late June and finishes around mid-late July. The rest of the summer will experience showers and thunderstorms as opposed to extended rainy periods, but can get very humid. By the end of August the rain clears up and for much of the autumn season there is little rain at all.

This video was shot at the end of July 2011 when much of Gangnam in the south of Seoul and other cities experienced flooding.


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